Marques D. Gonzales

Marques Gonzales headshot
Property Management
Tenant Coordinator

Marques D. Gonzales began his real estate career in 2014 specializing in luxury leasing and residential property management. He has grossed over $500K in leasing sales and has successfully managed 70+ individual units providing exceptional management service throughout the Chicagoland areas. Prior to real estate, Marques is a DePaul graduate and has served as a human resource professional as a Generalist and a Talent Development Manager. His passion for commercial real estate has inspired him since the beginning of his real estate career.

During his spare time, he enjoys spending quality time with his daughter while supporting her passion for art and its unique history. Marques enjoys staying active all year round by hiking, playing softball, and CrossFit. He enjoys reading business development literatures and personal development books and finds joy in practicing with his piano-black guitar.