Epic Burger

407 N Clark, Chicago, IL 60654


Opened in Chicago in 2008, Epic Burger’s big idea is to offer more people an opportunity to eat non-processed, all natural food at a reasonable price. At the same time Epic Burger would like to stimulate thought around how food is raised, grown, transported, processed and packaged. They feel that the more people can increase their food IQ the better for their health and happiness, as well as the health of our planet.

They chose the most iconic of American meals – hamburgers and french fries. Preparing these items without drugs, artificial colors and flavors, nitrates, phosphates, preservatives and the numerous other additives found in our everyday foods, Epic Burger can make food that tastes truly delicious.

They take the same approach and pride in non-beef items such as the all-natural chicken sandwich, turkey burgers and portabella mushroom sandwich.

For more information visit: http://wwwepicburger.com/